ommonHouse - Great coffee, quality food and the value of community at the center of it all.

This space came to fruition from two loving souls who wanted to provide a welcoming space to all people. The offerings of things that bring us all comfort; quality coffee and nutritious food is simply a vessel to the bigger picture we had in mind.

Owners, Meg and Carolyn, strive to create a welcoming space expressing their joint value in love leading all things in life. Both certified in holistic nutrition, health and the power of food is just another way to bring something good to the local community.


Who we are

We're excited to start introducing our partners. With a history of autoimmune diseases, both Carolyn and Meg have spent years researching and trying out all different foods and brands. 

To finally be able to share the beautiful companies we have found so much solace with, is a privilege. Whether you're someone who's looking for good food, has food limitations, or want to focus on more ethically made food, you have found your place.

uality will always be the number one priority to CommonHouse. We value both the source of where our food and drinks come from but also that it is ethically sourced.


Its the small things

ur vision is to create a place that is inclusive to all. CommonHouse won't just be any coffee house, we will be bringing many beautiful blends and healing concoctions to share with all of you.

 We look forward to bringing our knowledge and education to the community. Each of our partners align with our vision and share similar values. 

Hippocrates couldn't have said it better. 
“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” 


Food be Thy medicine